Creation Illustrated Review – Enriched Education Through Interactive Articles


If you love nature, storytelling, cooking and MORE, then you are going to enjoy the Creation Illustrated Magazines that show Mother Nature at her finest. These beautifully crafted and action-packed magazines provide a perfect balance of an enriched education by challenging you mentally, spiritually and physically. The stories told and lessons learned are great for religious-based homeschooling or Sunday school. The magazines come in clusters of four, parallel with the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), and each article is coordinated to that season. Beyond nature’s beauty, stories of biblical creations, sciences, plants and animals are featured in-depth.


One article is called “Life Sustaining Soil” where you learn what makes dirt ready for planting a garden. Can anyone guess what makes dirt ready for planting!? You got it – WORMS! The story continues by providing the facts on why and how worms help us grow a garden. How fun is it to learn something new and then do it yourself at home! But that’s not all! In every magazine you can look forward to the “Genesis Cuisine Recipe” that features one vegetable in every magazine (squash, yams, peas, etc.,) and provides a variety of different recipes such as; squash risotto, yam bundt cake and spring pea hummus! The Creation Illustrated Magazines include articles that are great tools for expanding mental development while preparing for physical work. Learn how to garden and cook delicious meals through stories and then DO IT at home!

CI3Some other articles that are enjoyable include The Disobedient Fawn, Subduing the Earth (weeding with a tarp is genius!); He’s the King (why Jesus is likened to be a lion), and The Busy Woodpecker.

Keep in mind the magazines are not just limited to stories, they also feature “Creation Stewardship” with plenty of information regarding food and water conservation, a Photography Contest for youth to get out of the house to explore nature, and an ending poem to wrap it up!

If you’re interested in learning more and seeing a magazine up close, you can click here for a FREE magazine!