Cool Math Games: The Ultimate List

Learning math is like learning another language!

The numbers and rules form the building blocks of our everyday life, so getting a grasp on them early is essential. One of the best tactics for teaching math is to teach with cool math games!

Experts say games are the best path to real learning, and we couldn’t agree more.

So we’ve compiled a list of some of our other favorite cool math games – from freebies to board games, we’ve got it all!

Math Games to Educate and Entertain


Magic School Bus – Math & Science Explosions!Magic School Bus - Math & Science Explosions!

Magic School Bus is an all time favorite for all ages.

This Math and Science Explosion combo is a 2-in-1 of hands-on math and science fun. The math board game is a race to make the volcano explode – first player to get all the math facts right wins!

The double sided board means the fun can go on for a long time.

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Multiplication Practice Paper-folding by Kids Activities Blog

Get your kids in a mood to learn by simply letting them fold some paper into cootie catchers! Focus on anything from addition to fractions as they play with these fun little creations of their very own.

Aliens on Vacation_General
via Deceptively Educational

Aliens on Vacation multiplication game by Deceptively Educational

This printable board game requires little setup and the payoff is a whole lot of math fun!

It provides children with a chance to put their math skills to the test.

The goal: get their alien home from vacation (E.T. math home!)




Number Sense 0-10 Worksheets math number sense game

Worksheets are great learning tools, but when you can incorporate more than just words into worksheets – it’s a world of fun!

These worksheets focus on number identification, counting practice, number tracing, and subitizing with dot patterns, tally marks, and a tens frame.

Colorful fun to accompany learning!

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via Lucky to be in First

Connect Four Bingo Game 

Everyone loves Bingo, and when you can take a fun game that’s already fun and turn it into something educational everyone wins.

Children will be paying close attention so they can be the first to exclaim BINGO!




Numbers & Counting Quiet Cubes Game numbers and counting math games

This cool math game is designed for ages 4-7 and it uses dice rolls to help teach everything from ABCs and counting to basic addition.

The best part?

The foam dice are designed to be super duper quiet for a truly peaceful learning experience!

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Fraction Spoons by Game4Gains

Have you ever played the classic card game Spoons?

This math-y, updated version of the classic tests children’s’ math skills while they put their reflexes to the test!

The game is so easy to pick up, and if your kids love to be first (and who doesn’t?) then this game will become their new favorite!

WILD Multiplication, Factors 0-5 Multiplication Math Game

This freebie set of Uno-inspired cards also doubles as a worksheet where students will be able to practice their factors 0-5.

“I love this idea! I can’t wait to use it in the next school year. It’s great for my second graders just learning multiplication.” – Ellen F (via Educents)

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Whack It! Place Value Math Game

It’s no secret that kids love any game where they can get a little bit physical and to give things a good whack, so why not teach math at the same time?

This cool math game helps with place values, but can be adjusted for other lessons.

Math Coloring Game
via Deceptively Educational

Crazy Daisy Multiplication via Deceptively Educational

Kids love coloring – that’s a proven fact. So if you’re looking for an easy coloring game your kids can enjoy while they also learn basic math, look no further!

The Crazy Daisy Multiplication printable math game will help kids visualize solutions as they color in a crazy daisy.

Tip: Do any kind of math operations you want with these crazy daisies!



3D Lego Multiplication Graph via Frugal Fun for Boys

via Frugal Fun for Boys

We love Lego, and we have a sneaking suspicion you do too!

But did you know Legos are great tools for multiplication, addition, and 3D graphing (and other math)? A cool math game from an everyday toy!

Build some 3D graphs with your kids (girls and boys!) to bring the math they do to life!





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