How Do You Teach Character?

It’s easy to think that your child is learning everything they need to in school. Tests make sure that subjects like math, history, and English are being taught at an acceptable pace, but what about the stuff you don’t find in a traditional textbook? How do you make sure your child has something like a good moral compass?

We all like to assume that we are raising our child “right.” We assume that by teaching them with our actions and disciplining them when they make poor choices, our children will grow up to be virtuous.

While this works to an extent, there are ways to reinforce these ideals in a learning environment, and one of the best ways to do it is with a series called Character is Higher Than Intellect.


Character is Higher Than Intellect is a series that spans from Kindergarten to 12th grade which focuses on teaching a series of core values.

Core Values

  • Level one:  Self-Discipline – “I accept good principles and govern myself.”
  • Level Two:  Responsible Behavior 
    “I build self-esteem through responsible behavior.”
  • Level Three: Honesty to Self – “I first must be honest or true to myself.”
  • Level Four: Honesty to Others – “Then I will be honest or true to others.”
  • Level Five: Reverence for Life and the Creator of Life – “I have a deep love for human, plant, and animal life and the Creator of Life.”

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This system of learning was built on the principle that there has been a degradation of morals over the past few decades, and it relies on parents and educators to reinforce this strong baseline of ideas on children.

These lessons are taught through a series of activities which include stories, activities, charts and more that are easy to teach and engaging to participate in. Students will learn how to think about and act on real-life situations that might come up. The lessons are well-written and easily completed within a 40-minute class period.

Right now all levels of Character is Higher Than Intellect are 30% off, so you can buy year-by-year or get the entire curriculum at once. All lessons are downloadable and re-printable, so they can be used multiple times for classrooms or at home for different students.


Set your child up with a strong moral compass early and they will be set for life. The Character is Higher Than Intellect education plan is a great way to show the children in your life what it looks like to have strong character, and that’s worth more than any degree.