Blogger Review: Times Tales Makes Multiplication Easy

“Mrs. Towns, your son is having trouble with multiplication and division principles. He is going to need more help than we have time to give him in the classroom.”

c (6)Have you ever heard dreaded words from teachers or school staff about your child’s learning ability, yet you know that they are smart and can learn? What that means to me is that my child learns differently than the current method of teaching. There is SOMETHING or SOME WAY of teaching or receiving the information so that he can master it. It’s my job to search out that method because it is my proven experience that it is NOT the schools job.


Educents is also where my 11-year-old son and I were introduced to Times Tales, which is a phenomenal DVD based way to learn upper multiplication tables; and in an hour or less in many cases.


When I first heard about Times Tales, I was excited. My son was frustrated with some of his math facts, and he loves math. I was frustrated with his school and I love our school. I read up on how Times Tales teaches kids the upper times tables without rote memorization. My son had previous success with learning that teaches through stories and facts, and Times Tales uses a similar technique. Students follow along with stories surrounding characters representing numbers or facts and they are learning all the while.

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Thanks to Educents, my son and I got to try Times Tales. Over the recent holiday break from school, we sat down at the computer and got started.


First, there is an instruction component for parents and students to watch. It’s very cool and informational. There are two sections to Times Tales, and a suggested week waiting time between progression from one section to the next.


Next comes the instructional video. There are several Parts to progress through, and they are short and entertaining. This is phenomenal because my son needs attention grabbing instruction. Times Tables provides that – he was captured, and so was I! Math-with-Elijah

Next, the instructional video does change to word problems. I have never had word problems unfold so simply and easily. My son was jumping at the bit to WORK OUT the word problems. This was magical, fun and inspirational.

The real test came during the flash card session when my son was using his skill to answer multiplication and division problems without the learning aids. Do you know what happened? HE ROCKED OUT!

Flash-Cards-with-Time-Tales-1024x580Thanks to Times Tales, my son, who previously had a lot of problems with math facts, was doing upper-level multiplication and division facts without prompts!

In addition to the video component, there is a printable component. There are tests, game sheets, crossword puzzles – and they are all as engaging as the video. I cannot express how much my son and I enjoy Times Tales. This is an awesome learning tool, and I can’t wait to introduce it to more of the kids in my family. When we finished the first half of our program, my son wanted to introduce Times Tales to his teachers. He is determined that more kids in his class need to see it! I told him we can share his success and our review because Times Tales is even available for classrooms.


Listen – Times Tales is amazing. If I can sit down with my son for an hour, or for two half-hours; follow-up for 15-minute sessions and he still knows the information; then anyone can do this.