Blogger Review: Math & Science Mystery Word Problems

Looking for a way to make intimidating topics like math and science more exciting? These unique books are full of fun word problems for kids. The pages are packed with engaging mysteries for kids to solve using their math and science skills. By solving the mysteries in these books, your kids will turn into math and science super sleuths!Word Problems for Kids

The Mysteries You Solve with Science/Math Set includes three books, two filled with science mysteries and one filled with math mysteries. Each mystery takes about one minute to read and solve. One page covers the mystery. The second page reveals the answer and includes a picture that helps explain the answer.

Ways to use the mystery books:

  • A quick educational time filler that’s funmystery book
  • A speedy enrichment activity
  • Supplemental activity for STEAM lessons
  • Use with a group of students between the ages of 9 to 12
  • Critical thinking activity for independent learning or learning at home

The I Love a Mystery Books were created by Science Naturally, an award-winning Educents Seller that demystifies intimidating topics like math and science lessons by engaging students with fun stories.


Reasons I love the mystery books:

  • Fun way to make intimidating topics more accessible for students.
  • The books are very easy to use and require no prep work.
  • Each mystery word problem is short (only 60 seconds to read & solve!) and independent from one another. It’s easy to solve one mystery and then take a break.
  • The books include diverse topics. The students in the book have culturally diverse names and a variety of ages, making it easy to use with multiple grade levels.
  • The mysteries reviewed skills that are not covered in my third grade science and math lessons. This made the books a perfect enrichment activity for my classroom!

I currently teach 3rd grade and my students love trying to solve the Minute Mysteries. I think that the mysteries would be great for students in 3rd to 7th grades. The mysteries are fun for kids to read!

mystery book

Mystery books in the classroom:

  • In my classroom, I used the I Love a Mystery Books as part of my morning meeting. We started our day trying to solve two or three mysteries. One great thing I noticed while reading the mysteries was that even students who are usually reluctant to participate really wanted to solve the mysteries.
  • My students ask to solve the mysteries throughout the day, so we sneak in a few minutes of word mystery time whenever we can.
  • These books are the perfect tool to use during State Testing time. It was a fun break to add to our stressful day.
  • My students loved them so much, they were willing to read the mysteries aloud to the entire class. It was a hit and my students were excited about the opportunity to be the next mystery reader.

I recommend trying the One Minute Math and Science Mystery Books in your classroom or in your homeschool program. You will find the mysteries educational and engaging. See for yourself in the short video I recorded while reading a science mystery. Try to solve it before I reveal the answer!

Educents has a downloadable sample of the science mystery word problems.

I recommend adding the One Minute Math & Science Mystery Set by Science Naturally into your lessons in the classroom or at home. With these books, Science Naturally has successfully brought a new way to teach and reinforce difficult math and science skills. The books are a unique way to engage your learners and challenge them to think outside of the box, as a super math and science sleuth. It is perfect for a variety of age levels and learners!

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Blogger Review: Math & Science Mystery Word Problems