Blogger Review: Minecraft Math and Writing Units

Cambria from Live to Be Inspired recently downloaded and printed the Minecraft Math and Writing Units to use with her son. On a Friday afternoon, she told her son that he had some extra work to do. Can you guess his reaction? Read and find out what happened next!

Earlier today I told my son we needed to do some extra school work and I immediately heard some grumbling and grouchiness about more school work, and on a Friday of all days. 🙂 When my son came to his desk though and saw that it was all about Minecraft, his tuned quickly changed and he said, ‘Oh cool! This isn’t school work, what were you talking about?’

I had him do a section that teaches about Acrostic poems and he had a lot of fun coming up with words to match the letters in Minecraft and creating his own poem. I thought it might be tricky for a 6 year old, but he was able to easily catch on, especially since it was all Minecraft related.

I can’t wait to try out more of the unit next week and to continue using Minecraft in our learning. My son LOVES Minecraft! So for him, if it’s Minecraft related it isn’t work, it’s play! In fact, I was even able to get him to practice his handwriting, which he despises doing! So grateful for units like this that do all the work for me and make homeschooling my son easier and more enjoyable.


The Minecraft Math and Writing Units are available for $4.99 on Educents this December.