Review: Homeschool Math & Science Mystery Books

 My 9-year-old son loves math and science, as well as reading mysteries. I figured these books would be right up his alley. And, they are! He would often come and tell me something fascinating he learned–like why ice freezes on a bridge before it does on the ground. I’ve found three different ways to incorporate these fun, mystery books into our homeschool math & science curriculum.

I have found a new gem for our homeschool – the I Love a Mystery Set from Educents.

mystery books for kids

How does it work?

Read a one-paged mystery story. Then, turn the page to read the solution to the mystery. Each solution page contains a photograph or graphic as well. And every story is teaching and reinforcing an important science or math concept. The stories are fun and engaging. What a brilliant way to teach!

Here’s an example of a science mystery:
one minute mystery


And here’s an example of a math solution:

one minute mystery

Homeschool Math & Science Activities

Silent Time 

I assigned one of the books to my 9-year-old son to read for silent reading time. He also read some of the mysteries for fun at night before bed!

All Ages Read Aloud

I used the books during our “couch time” group lesson time. This is a time when I read aloud and do lessons with all my elementary kids at one time. Their grades are K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. It’s a breeze to read a few mysteries of science and math every day.

Math & Science Supplements

I used it in place of regular science lessons on some days. It can also be a great supplement to science lessons if you are studying one of the subjects (life science, astronomy, earth science, chemistry, etc.) in the books.

math & science homeschool mystery

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What we liked about the books

The stories are really short, and are intriguing because they are mysteries. It was a game for all of us to try to figure out the answer before we turned the page to read. I also loved that there were so many different subjects covered. The stories were fun and can be related to real life, such as calculating distance in the toll road traffic ticket mystery and understanding probability in the rolling of the dice mystery.

Approved by parents & teachers

It’s obvious my son and I aren’t the only ones who love the One Minute Mysteries books. The books have received distinctions and won awards such as: International Book Awards Finalist, recommended by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA),  NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book, Creative Child Magazine 2013 Book of the Year Award, National Parenting Publications Award winner, and Brain Child Tillywig Toy Award winner.

Created by father & daughter

These unique books were written by dad Eric with his daughter Natalie. They both have a passion for science and for writing and after living daily life where Eric tried to use mysteries to emphasize the “widespread, real-life applications” of science and math, they decided to write down their made up mystery stories into a book. And then into 3 books!

Inside the books

  • 15 Life Science mysteries (classification, bears, horses, bugs, shells, fish)
  • 15 Earth and Space Science mysteries (clouds, freezing, rain, sight at night, planets)
  • 15 Physical and Chemical Science mysteries (grass, pumpkins, gems, heat)
  • 15 General Science mysteries (water, mud, language, sneezing, bird watching)
  • 5 More Science Mysteries
  • Bonus: 5 Math Mysteries (a preview of the book 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math)

  • 15 Math At Home mysteries (toll road, rolling dice, pancakes)
  • Math Outside mysteries (lawns, fences, holes, hiking)
  • 15 Math at Play mysteries (jumping through hoops, perfect 10, parade)
  • 15 Math Every Day mysteries (rows and columns, clock, volume, overdue)
  • 5 More Math mysteries
  • Bonus: 5 mysteries from the book 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science
  • Bonus: 5 things from the book 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math

  • 15 Life Science mysteries (cucumbers, whales, roots, flies)
  • 15 Earth and Space Science mysteries (aliens, air, soil)
  • 15 Physical and Chemical Science mysteries (color, bricks, light)
  • 15 General Science mysteries (weight, chill, change, floating)
  • Bonus: 5 More Science Mysteries
  • Bonus: 5 Math Mysteries (a preview of the book 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math)

These books are part of a company called Science, Naturally!

In addition to the I Love a Mystery set they sell some other great books which are available at Educents for low prices like:

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