Blogger Review: Math Homeschool Lessons for 1st to 4th Grade

Kris, homeschooling mother of five, trusts Educents Seller Teaching My Two to offer fun, creative ways to teach her children math! This week, Kris and her kids reviewed math units with robots, monsters, and fruit girls.


My kids love robots! I was super excited to combine my children’s love of robots with learning math. Robot Balancing The Scales is a great math packet with tons of lessons that we use as math centers in our homeschool. This is a packet that you will want to print out in color. The graphics are wonderful and cute, also the lessons have color questions in them referring to the “purple” robot and so on.



Furry, Friendly, and Totally Awesome! I love creative ways to get my children learning math. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 with 2 children that struggle in math, therefore, bringing them all together with math fun is a goal of mine. Trap The Monster, Monster Variables – Pre Algebraic Thinking for Young Learners is so much fun. All my children loved doing these lessons. There was no complaining even from the two that struggle with math.


Fruit Girls Balancing the Scales is very similar to Robot Balancing the Scales that we just reviewed. I love that this is centered for girls because my 5-year-old daughter will love this. She is learning addition and subtraction right now and this will be great fun with my help. She can complete each question using the balancing scale poster that has beautiful graphics that remind me of strawberry shortcake.

As a homeschooling mother of five, I can trust Teaching My Two for fun, creative ways to teach my children math! I look forward to all their lessons in the future.