Blogger Review: Save Paper With This Magnetic Board

review magnetic boardAs a working mother, it can be difficult to manage home, kids and work at the same time. As busy as my life can be at times, I still make a point to incorporate learning activities with my kids throughout the year.

Whenever the kids have a day off school and on weekends I like to be prepared with a list of learning activities for the kids. We do everything from reading, to puzzles to craft projects. Recently, we’ve started incorporating our Magnetic Dry Erase Desktop Slant Board Set into our learning activities and it has been not only a life saver, but also a paper saver!

Use the magnetic slant board for:

  • Busy work
  • Handwriting practice
  • Learning activities
  • Hands on learning
  • Magnetic manipulatives
  • Group projects (perfect size for sharing)

DesktopSlantBoard4This magnetic board is so handy and fun to use! The two-clip design works well for both right and left-handed people which is a plus because my 3.5-year-old daughter is a righty and I think my 2.5-year-old son is a lefty. The set also includes one black dry-erase pen with a magnetic cap and eraser tip and two colorful disk magnets. The legs can be locked into position for stability or they can be folded flat for compact storage.



Busy Work

There are many things I like about this board, but the thing I like the most is it doesn’t involve lots of parental supervision. (Except of course if you have little ones who can’t use a marker unsupervised without writing all over everything in sight!) Luckily for me, my kids can go and use this board by themselves. Since we have other dry erase markers at home I give each one of them a marker and tell them to go make me a pretty picture.

Handwriting Practice (save money on paper!)

The board is also very ergonomic since it’s slanted. Slanted boards naturally place your wrist and hand in an optimal position for handwriting which facilitates a functional pencil grasp and promotes better posture. One of the things both of my kids need to work on is their pencil grip. I love the fact that the angled position of this slant board provides better support for holding a pencil appropriately.

DesktopSlantBoard1We also enjoyed using this board to securely hold the kids printable worksheets in place while they worked independently. My kids loved the fact that they each had their own “side” of the board to use while circling the correct answers. The board is 1 foot by 1 1/2 feet, so it’s big enough for two to share. Using this board also helps us save paper for the kids’ never ending doodling or handwriting projects. My daughter has been working hard at mastering writing her name lately. Instead of using endless amounts of paper for her practice, she’s been using this board which has been truly helpful for my pocketbook and the environment.



Reading Practice

Another plus to having a slanted board is it allows visual tracking for reading. That means by placing a book or other reading material on a slant board it may reduce eye strain. Thus, children do not need to refocus their eyes as they scan through a page since all text remains at the same angle.

Sight Words Practice

DesktopSlantBoard2We used our board set in a variety of different ways. Since my son is currently in preschool and just starting to grasp words and letters. We took this as a chance to use magnetic letters to practice some sight words. I also used the dry erase marker to show him how to write the letters in conjunction with the magnetic letters. This gave him a visual to try and trace it, or just hold it to get an idea of how to make the letter. The letters were easy to wipe off of the board, I just used a baby wipe.



For the Family

My husband and I even like to use this board! It’s really helpful during conversations that benefit from a visual: If I give him a blank stare after he’s finished talking he knows it’s time to grab the board and draw it out.

I would recommend the Magnetic Slant Board Set for anyone who needs to create an organizational space that can be changed daily. I think it’s perfect for daily use or reminders and ideal for parents/caregivers, teachers or homeschoolers who want to do learning activities with kids. And wants to save paper! This slant board can be used at home or at school, or anywhere that your child engages in writing, reading or drawing!

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