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My daughter faced a few challenges when learning to read. She lacked confidence. I could hear her second-guessing herself while sounding out the words. Then, her lack of confidence lead to a lack of interest in reading. Especially when the stories she was reading were boring to her. I’ve been searching for funny books that kept her interested despite the challenges she faced as a new reader.

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Today, I am honored to introduce the funny books starring Fred, age 4, and his doll, Kingie! My new readers have fallen in love with these funny books and frankly, so have I.

When the Life of Fred Beginner Reader Series arrived from Educents, I admit the books were not what I was expecting. What changed my opinion? The moment when I sat down with my kindergartener and actually saw her light up while sounding out a story.

My heart swooned and I knew these books would be life-changing.


Why these books work for new readers

My daughter’s favorite characteristic of Life of Fred is the silliness of Fred’s escapades. Each page has adorable drawings and the creative remarks expressed by both Fred and Kingie. You never know where Fred’s story will go next! This keeps new readers interested and asking questions as we read.

The Life of Fred books are perfect for new readers who need the encouragement while reading… these books are fun!


Ways to use Life of Fred Beginner Series 

  1. Homeschooling families searching for ways to incorporate reading into their lesson planning.
  2. Teachers helping struggling or new readers thrive while also bringing students together in creative ways.
  3. Anyone searching for ways to make reading fun!

We love that the Beginning Reader Series highlights different ideas and concepts throughout each book. Some concepts include:

  • clocks
  • simple maps
  • the concept of money
  • respecting wildlife

As a homeschooling mom with three children all under the age of six, lesson planning can become overwhelming. I love how easy it is to tie these stories back into other subjects creating a full day of unit studies!


A lesson about rain

For example, the sixth book is called Rain. The day we decided to read this book just happened to be a rainy day! This lucky chance turned into a whole new dynamic lesson! In the book, it begins to rain while Fred is still on vacation and they must hide under a pool table that Kingie just happened to bring along. I told you they were senseless stories (and so fun)!LofF 2

Rainy Day Lesson for Your Homeschool:

  • Reading: Read Fred’s story about rain
  • Science: Recreate one of our favorite water cycle experiments where you create rain in a jar
  • Writing: Record how to use the scientific method including the results from various trials
  • Math: Count to thirty in numerous ways

This balanced homeschool lesson made me a happy mom. The best part? All of the books can be used this way! The author provides a short summary of the concepts included in each story. So parents and teachers can plan a few teachable moments to compliment the ideas already being presented in Fred’s hilarious stories.

Timeline Activity

Ask children to draw timelines of the story with their own adaptations or interpretations. Kingie gets pretty wild with some of the items he packs and the ideas he comes up with so it would be a lot of fun to see several children brainstorming how Fred and Kingie could use some of the items in different ways or what they think may happen in the next part of the story. While this was an amusing activity with our kindergartener and preschooler, I can only imagine how hilarious the results would be with a large group of 4 to 6-year olds!

Continue learning with Fredlife of fred doll

We are terribly excited to finish the series and are looking forward to growing with Life of Fred. Fred’s adventures extend well beyond beginner reading into math (ranging from elementary all the way to college), Life of Fred Language Arts, and even Financial Choices. While the books would not fit us as a full curriculum, they are perfect as supplemental materials!


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Funny Books that New Readers LOVE to Read