The Best Tools To Help Kids Learn Multiplication Facts

Are you looking for the perfect resource to help your kid memorize the multiplication tables? Check out our comparison of the most popular multiplication-learning tools on our marketplace.

Memory Joggers

Memory Joggers is perfect for any child struggling to learn multiplication and division facts. Memory Joggers was invented by Donnalyn Yates, a teacher who developed her idea after watching her students struggle to memorize multiplication tables. She learned that visuals and stories help kids remember their facts. Memory Joggers uses characters to represent numbers. For example, the number 8 is represented by “Nate the Snowman,” who looks like the number 8. A story about “Nate” and his friend “Nina the Porcupine” shows that 8 x 9 = 72. Kids remember the stories, which help them remember their multiplication facts — and they will learn division at the same time!

This is the first Memory Joggers system we have ever used. My 9 1/2 yr old son has dyslexia and I thought we were never going to be able to master our math facts. HE LOVES the stories and they work for him! I can see him remember the pictures in his head and he can answer the fact questions: 3×4, etc immediately! Thank you for Memory Joggers for giving this home school mom the answer to help her son!!

Memory Joggers comes with flash cards to use when reviewing your multiplication facts. You can also use worksheets to have kids draw their own versions of the pictures, which is just one more way to help them commit the facts to memory. Your kids will be learning math facts quickly while also having fun!

Times Tales

You may have heard of Times Tales by now. It’s one of the best systems for memorizing multiplication facts available. Sisters Marillee and Jennie started Times Tales when they were homeschooling their own children. Since Times Tales began as a way to help their own children learn the multiplication tables, you already know it’s great! The program uses stories to help students memorize their multiplication tables. If students struggle with numbers, the stories are a helpful way for kids to remember their facts. Times Tales uses visuals and characters with stories to teach multiplication tables. For example, Mrs. Week represents the number 7. A treehouse represents the number 9. A story about the two treehouses shows that 9 x 9 = 81.

I have an 8yr old son with ADHD going into third grade. We had started with traditional flash cards and both of us were struggling not to loose our minds! This was amazing! We could work at his pace and it was so engageing for him. He took to the format right away and his little face lit up with pride when he immediately scored 100% on the first quiz!!! He was even more proud of himself when he discovered he could work it backwards and do division. Happy boy, happy mommy! I’m telling all my friends about it!!!!!

Times Tales comes with an easy-to-follow DVD or digital download that uses visuals combined with stories to help kids learn the upper times tables. Not only will your kid love and enjoy the stories, they will learn their multiplication facts as well!

Rock ‘N’ Learn

Rock ‘N’ Learn Math is another alternative way for kids to memorize multiplication facts. The program uses songs, humor, and characters to increase retention. Cartoon characters sing and rap songs about math. Using the characters, Rock ‘N’ Learn has found an engaging way to get kids to pay attention to math. Rock ‘N’ Learn is perfect for the child who is looking for something more exciting to help them focus on math.

My daughter has struggled learning her multiplication facts. We’ve tried workbooks, flashcards, manipulatives, expensive boxed curriculums, and have wasted so much money. Who would of thought a DVD would be our answer?! But it has been a saving grace! We watch the Multiplication one almost everyday. I love that these can last for several years. Makes the price SO worth it!

The Rock ‘N’ Learn DVDs are perfect for anybody struggling to learn multiplication facts. Music and melody can be helpful for kids struggling with memorization. Kids enjoy watching the DVDs and parents can relax knowing their child is getting an educational lesson with an entertaining show.

Learning Multiplication Facts

Because the focus is on stories and visuals and not simply memorization of numbers, these programs are perfect for kids of all abilities! When your child memorizes their times tables with speed and accuracy, their math confidence will skyrocket. Check out more information here.

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