Best Books to Ease Back to School Anxiety

Bookend your summer reading list with these books that help ease any back to school jitters your child may experience.

Some children kick and scream when it’s time to go back to school. Some become afraid and get quiet or sad. If your child is displaying this behavior toward the end of summer, they may have anxiety about going back to school. What causes this anxiety? Some kids get nervous about having a new teacher, not knowing what will happen at school that day, making new friends, or taking tests during the school year. Let’s face it: school can be a lot to handle!

Ease Back to School Anxiety

These books give parents accessible ways to address your child’s back to school anxieties.

Sometimes I Worry Too Much 

Sometimes I Worry Too MuchSome children get caught up worrying about the unknown. What’s going to happen at school today? What if it rains during lunchtime? What if my teacher calls on me for a question I don’t know the answer to? A surprising number of children believe that they worry too much, often for reasons that parents, friends or siblings might not understand. This sensitively written book helps children cope with their predisposition toward worrying, and can help prevent the development of anxiety disorders.

Coping Strategies for Test Taking Anxiety 

Doing my Best Taking a TestDoes your child get anxious and frustrated at the thought of an upcoming test? Test anxiety can give children “butterflies,” a stomachache, or even a headache due to tension. These reactions may have a negative impact on your child’s school day, attitude, behaviors, and happiness. This book presents 11 coping strategies for your students to replace anxious or destructive behaviors with positive behaviors. The printable unit includes a customizable book so your child can choose personalized coping skills.

Handling Social Anxiety in School

Kids may be afraid of speaking up in class, taking tests, or interacting with others inHandling Anxiety in School the classroom or playground. This comic book depicts school scenarios  in which children may react with anxious feelings, and positive ways for children to handle those feelings. Characters in the comic strips are shown dealing with anxiety in a “Wrong Way,” and then in a more positive way. Detailed photos prompt children to take a closer look at dialog, body language, and non-verbal cues in both negative and positive scenarios. Children will learn that interacting in certain ways may help them feel less anxious in social situations. This is also a great resource for children for whom social queue don’t come as easily.

Being Flexible When Plans Change 

Being FlexibleWhen it’s time to go back to school, it can take a small village to coordinate pick up, drop off, and who might care for children after school. If plans are constantly changing in your household, your child may feel insecure or unsure about where they belong, or who they will see. Change of plans may also cause your child to feel frustrated, and display their feelings in a negative way. This social story uses the character Fred to teach your kids how to be flexible when plans change and reduce their anxiety. The printable booklet includes a second customizable story allows you to personalize the anxieties and strategies with your child.


Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, & Teens

Public Speaking for KidsHelp your kids develop a powerful voice to influence their own amazing futures and prepare for college, career, and life. The ability to speak in front of others comfortably helps them gain a tremendous advantage in an extremely competitive future. This series of books are designed as an experience for the entire family that helps youth develop confidence, leadership, speaking, and persuasion skills through unique private exercises and family speech events set in the safe, positive family environment of your home. Have more kids? Get a book for each kid and have them do the lessons and speeches together for even more fun!


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