Best Back To School Deals Online – Cheaper Than Amazon!

It’s no secret that back to school shopping can drain the bank. We’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking to supplement your child’s lessons, or provide some educational reading books to keep kids learning once homework is finished, all these items are offered at the best price on Educents! Additionally, Educents is offering free shipping on all orders through the end of August. Just use promo code BLOWOUT. Happy shopping!cheaper-than-amazon-blog-hero

All of the educational items listed below are available at a better price than Amazon.

Comic Books that Teach Science 

Retail Price – $53.85 for 3

Amazon Price – $48.74 for 3

Educents Price – $42.85 for 3 – SAVE $11

The “Survive! Inside the Human Body” series contains fictional stories that are fun to read – imagine the Magic School Bus books, but in comic book form. At first glance, these books look like something you’d pick up in the graphic novel section of the library. But they are jam-packed with a TON of science lessons. They explore the digestive system, the nervous system, and genetics – just like an anatomy textbook! Whether your child is learning about the human body at school or your inquisitive 4-year-old is suddenly fascinated with how bodies work.. these books are a great addition to any family’s library.

Solar System Wall Play Set 

Retail Price – $28.99

Amazon Price – $24.99

Educents Price – $19.99 – SAVE $9

There are so many ways to get hands-on when it comes to science lessons. Learn the solar system while developing motor skills. Use the Solar System Stickers to map out the Milky Way on your dining room wall. Ask your kiddos to try and remember the correct order of the planets. Then, when they know the correct planet to choose next, prompt them to choose the correct sticker, either by visual recognition or by sounding out the name on the label.

Life of Fred Math Books 

Retail Price – $108.00

Amazon Price – $112.00

Educents Price – $93.99 – SAVE $18.01

This series of fictional books follow Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius, during his exciting adventures which encounter everyday math situations. Children actually want to read these books! Add them to your bedtime reading routine and watch your child get excited about learning math every night! Even better, Fred and his best friend Kingie can join you every night for story time. The Life of Fred Dolls are also available on Educents!

How to Teach the Five-Paragraph Essay 

Retail Price – $21.95

Amazon Price – $24.95

Educents Price – $19.95 – SAVE $2

Will your child be writing reports or persuasive essays this year?  This book offers a step-by-step plan for teaching the art of crafting a five-paragraph essay. Begin with one simple trick and build from there. Your child will learn how to write interesting introductions, strong conclusions, and effective transitions between paragraphs. Better yet, they will be able to apply these lessons to all genres of writing. The goal is student mastery of the essay without the help of a teacher, parent, or tutor.

Set of Analytical Grammar 

Amazon Price – $114.00

Educents Price – $94.95 – SAVE $19.06

Analytical Grammar teaches English grammar, punctuation, and usage. It is designed to be taught in three grammar “seasons” (see timeline) over three years; however, it is flexible enough to be adapted to a one- or two-year schedule. AG has been used successfully with all students from the learning disabled to the highly gifted. This innovative and logical method is not only extremely effective but makes learning grammar fun.

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