Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

Going back to school means building on the concepts learned last year. But what if your child is a little shaky on last year’s math concepts? Avoid 3rd grade math anxiety in the fall by knowing which concepts your child should master by the end of the summer.

3rd grade math back to school

There are several areas which can be extra-tricky for 3rd grade math students, and they are often the areas that are frequently tested. We’ve identified these key concepts and broken them down into digestible sections. Mastering these skills will provide your child with the strong fundamentals that they will need not only in 3rd grade, but for the rest of their elementary math studies.

Understanding Base-ten Notation

  • Your child has a solid understanding of the base-ten system. This includes counting in fives, tens, and multiples of hundreds.
  • Your child understands and can explain multi-digit numbers up to 1000. For example, the number 369 is 3 hundreds + 6 tens + 9 ones. Incoming 3rd graders should be able to write the explanation, explain verbally, and add the base numbers mathematically.

Fluency with Addition and Subtraction

  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
  • Add and subtract within 20.
  • Use place value understanding to add and subtract
  • Use properties of operations to add and subtract.

Using Standard Units of Measure

  • Your child can recognize situations in which units of measurement need to be applied. They can use rulers and measurement tools. They recognize the difference between centimeters and inches.
  • Your child has an understanding and can measure the values of money.
  • Your child has an understanding and can explain measurements of time.

Describing and Analyzing Shapes

  • Your child can describe and analyze shapes based on the sides and angles of those shapes.
  • Your child can build, draw, and analyze two and three-dimensional shapes.

3rd Grade Math Readiness Activity Ideas

Before September rolls around, assure that your child has mastered 2nd grade math concepts like base-ten, addition, subtraction, measurement, and shapes. You can gauge your child’s understanding of these math concepts with the activity ideas provided below.

  • Reinforce your child’s addition and subtraction facts. The Musical Math Facts program provides a fun way for 2nd and 3rd graders to master the 100 basic addition facts and the 100 related subtraction facts with the help of a singing monkey!
  • Practice addition, subtraction, and order of operations with the Math Slam Game. Keep it handy for 3rd grade math concepts like multiplication and division too!
  • Use this liquid measurement set to apply measurement concepts in a hands-on way.

Math Concepts to Come

In the next school year, 3rd graders will be building on math concepts introduced in 2nd grade. Here are a few concepts your child will be building on in the year to come.

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Multiply & divide by 100
  • Base ten
  • Fractions
  • Measurement (liquid, volume, mass, time)
  • Geometric shapes

Source: CoreStandards.org

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