This Easy Art Lesson Will Engage Children Across Curriculum

Art is important. It’s a hands-on way to support lessons from other subjects, like history and math.  There are tons of great craft projects out there (we’ve had our fair share of popsicle art Pinterest fails), but the most valuable art projects are the ones that are creative, fun, and connect with other lessons. The ArtAchieve lessons are a hands-on, cross-curriculum way of crafting art. 

The lesson is a fun one. In it, the instructor guides children along as they draw a big, bright and beautiful sun while exploring their creativity. The lesson is available through ArtAchieve, presented in both a slide show and a detailed video walkthrough. The project is perfect for children 6 or over, and is designed for children to be able to complete independently. Adults can also benefit from ArtAchieve’s lessons and we highly suggest trying out at least one!


The lesson focuses on being comprehensive in its education and concise in its instruction. The whole lesson is split into several smaller categories. The first teaches an art history lesson showing real-world examples of other famous suns in art history, as well as engaging activities that let your child participate while following along. This segment features ideas that help your child understand what will make all of their creations unique.warmup

The middle section is where the pen hits the paper! The project comes with an additional PDF that features a practice sheet. The sheet features many different styles of faces, which will help the child not only warm up their fingers and practice their fine motor skills, but also get a better idea of what they may want to draw.


The instructions are incredibly clear. Even the youngest minds will be able to follow along through the entire process. One of the easiest ways for a child to disengage from a learning experience is if they become frustrated, but if they are confident in their ability they will achieve maximum success.


The last section is devoted to additional creative art skills. Children learn about using contrasting colors to make a picture more interesting, use of white space and more. And the best part of all, is after all of the learning you have a beautiful and unique drawing of the sun to warm your home. To access this amazing lesson, and more than 50 others, head to (There are even some FREE lessons to get you started!)