A Message From the Founders

Educents’ core values include operating as a mindful, transparent and humane business. As we build the Educents platform, we believe that being open and transparent about the business will help us continue a positive, productive conversation with our peers, buyers and sellers and community at large. A few weeks ago, we made a mistake. Our checks and balances were not in order and there was a minion-themed educational product that was then promoted on behalf of the Educents team.  We have since had internal meetings to figure out the best way to move forward with issues like this. Further, we have a plan to fix this ongoing problem that all marketplaces face:

For each item or shop flagged for non-IP policy violations, the team will work to determine whether an account is in compliance with Educents’ guidelines, whether further investigation is warranted, or whether the item or account is in violation such that it must be either removed or closed. We are developing detection programs that will flag violations, and when possible, our staff will work with sellers to educate them to help bring them into compliance. If an item is specifically prohibited by Educents’ policies, we may remove it before reaching out to the seller. In certain cases, the entire account may be closed immediately. We will also use technology to detect when previously identified abusers try to open new accounts. Due to the nature of our platform, it is possible that a non-permitted item may appear for sale on the site before our staff has had a chance to remove it. Educents users are welcome to report these items to us, and we will review them in a timely manner.

We believe that the good from being an open marketplace vastly outweighs the challenges that present themselves. By making it easy to open a shop, and allowing for ample freedom of expression, Educents is providing the most opportunity possible for creative pursuits, entrepreneurship and community. The openness of the Educents platform has also led to a diverse representation of aesthetics, trends, categories, price points, and more.

But we recognize that with this open structure, there comes some abuse — from those who simply misinterpret our policies or those who intentionally set out to exploit them. This includes sellers whose items infringe on third party intellectual property or our site policies. We promise to allocate substantial resources to addressing these challenges, including teams ranging from legal, to security, to marketplace integrity. This also includes training for our staff on IP related issues.

With (IP) intellectual property violations, we take action when we receive a proper DMCA notice from the person who owns those rights and each IP owner can decide when and how to enforce its intellectual property rights.

As we continue to grow & evolve, so do our policies, detection methods and enforcement practices. These policies should help encourage the greatest amount of opportunity and creativity possible, while also preserving the integrity of our marketplace. We will have updated community guidelines, DMCA policies & IP/Copyright Policies in place by September 1, 2015. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to reach out to us, the Founders of Educents. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kate & Kaitlyn
[email protected]