A Full Year of Kinder Curriculum!

This bundle has ALL the materials you need to nurture your kindergartener. Whether he/she is just learning to stand in a line, or is starting to read, we have you covered! It covers all topics from phonics, to basic math and shapes – each unit has a fun theme ranging from different animals to seasons and more. With 22 instant downloads and more than 1,300 pages of materials at your fingertips, your kindergartener will be learning new and interesting things everyday!

This bundle is great for teachers in the classroom, homeschooling families teaching early literacy and math skills, and parents who want to supplement their child’s learning.

At a price of just $24.99, get a whole year’s worth of curriculum worth $97.75!

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Kinder CurriculumIncludes downloads from some of your favorite teacher bloggers including: Kinder Doodles, Mrs. Banisters’ Kindergarten Kids, Looney’s Literacy, and MORE! Check it out before the deal ends!