8 Benefits of Learning on the Go

As you’re preparing for summer vacations and trips, you may be wondering how to incorporate learning into your busy schedule while on the go. As a family of 8 that has been on the road and living out of an RV for the past four years, I can assure you that there are many benefits to learning while on the go! Let me share some wonderful benefits we have experienced.

1. Always having new adventures and experiences

Life is one of the best teachers and when you’re traveling, there are new lessons to learn daily. I always look for educational trips and activities while in a new city.  We have a zoo membership and a science center membership that generally gives free or low cost admission to venues across the nation.

2. Working to find small, portable activities

Portable activities are essential for learning on the road. For example, we often use clear plastic totes to group each child’s work together so it is easy to find when the kids want to do work. This is a great idea when traveling in a car as well!

3. Opportunities to teach geography through first-hand experience

We often do entire lessons based on the area we are visiting. We ask the kids to learn the capital of the state as well as other information about the city or state. Rather than memorizing facts from a map or worksheet, our kids are actually in the location they’re learning. 

4. Utilizing technology for learning

There are so many wonderful programs that the children can enjoy on their own when I am not readily available to sit with them. They currently use a typing program on their computer, and we load their Kindle with lots of educational books! This enables me to give them access to thousands of educational material without taking up any space in our RV.

5. Knowledge comes to life

We plan ahead to teach the kids about the areas we are going to visit. While we are there, everything takes on a whole new meaning to them. This has worked with many trips such as The Alamo, Kennedy Space Center and even a working farm.

6. Both parents can get involved

Having my husband present while teaching our children provides an even richer learning environment. What I may not be able to properly communicate, they understand better from him and vice versa. It also creates a bond in the entire family when we can all learn together. 

7. Diverse ways to socialize

While it is valuable to have a core group of friends and family with which to spend time with, there is also a huge benefit in allowing people of different cultures and walks of life to interact with our children. When our personal beliefs differ from those we meet, we can use this encounter as a teaching experience for our children.

8. Develop a love for different cultures 


While we can create Tex Mex recipes at home, nothing is more authentic than eating Tex Mex from those who have cooked it their whole lives. When we travel to new areas, we enjoy teaching our children the history of where different recipes, music styles or art originated. We often find our children repeating facts back to us when something reminds them of that previously experienced culture. It makes for a hands-on learning experience.

This is certainly not a exhaustive list of all the benefits of learning on the go – there are just too many benefits to list! While our family has been homeschooling now for over six years, the last four years on the road have made our experiences far richer and full of creativity. I encourage you to make the most out of your vacations when it comes to your children’s education and hope our experiences have served as some motivation to you!

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Danielle Jones is a homeschooling mom of six. She currently spends 11 months of the year traveling with her family and teaches people how to save money and help others on her blog, freebiesforacause.com