5 Ways to Do Math Differently in Your Homeschool

This homeschool mom of five boys uses one musical math resource in five different ways. 

5 Ways to Do Math Differently

If you find yourself throwing your hands up in the air and wanting to toss in the towel when it comes to teaching math, you are not alone! As a homeschool mom of five boys (ages 2 to 13), I truly understand the need for outsourcing certain subjects.

This resource that helps you present math concepts like multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals in a ways that you can also sit back and enjoy the presentation with your students.

That’s why I did a happy dance when this math DVD set arrived to help me teach and review these math concepts that are often challenging to learn.

Here’s why my boys and I love these math videos:

  • Fun & effective way to introduce, review, and practice math concepts
  • Addresses multiple learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)
  • Pairs music with math to increase retention and recall of facts
  • Improved my boys’ math fact recall speed and accuracy
  • Positive encouragement motivates students to realize that they can learn math!

The Rock ‘N Learn Multiplication Rap & More Collection is recommended for 3rd grade and up.  All of my boys (ages 2 to 13) have watched and learned along with these DVDs. I have found that combining ages and exposing my younger boys to concepts allows for different levels of learning and discussion.

I recommend pausing the DVDs after a topic is explained and when a problem is presented.  Allow for discussion time and questions. Also, give your students the opportunity to share or write down their answers to ensure they understand.

5 Ways to Do Math Differently

1.  Morning Time Math

In our homeschool, we have a daily Morning Gathering. I know that many homeschools and classrooms have a similar time to start their day in a positive way. Rock ‘N Learn Math DVDs are an excellent resource for this time! Concepts are presented in chapters and you can easily play one chapter a day for a quick review of math concepts.

2. Free Math Worksheets

Rock ‘N Learn Math DVDs have a companion site that has free printable worksheets. These free printables can be found at Worksheets-For-Math.com and complement presented topics.  My boys have enjoyed using these worksheets with characters from the DVDs.

3. Hands-On Math Activities

I love to create hands-on activities to use with any subject in our homeschool. Rock ‘N Learn Multiplication & More provides a few suggestions within lessons of how you can continue learning with hands-on fun. One demonstration that was extremely helpful used paper, coloring, and folding.

I suggest using playdough (yes, for all ages) to practice fractions and decimals. Other common materials that can be used for hands-on learning for math concepts include pennies (coins), blocks, and Legos. Snacks can be a fun way to include food (an excellent motivator, just check for food allergies) as hands-on math manipulatives for multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

4. Take Math On-The-Go
Rock N Learn Math DVDs on the Go

These math DVDs are perfect for learning on-the-go! I love being able to bring along Rock ‘N Learn math in our van as we shuttle between soccer practices and errands. My boys give their undivided attention to watching and learning. We also have great discussions about the concepts and different ways to look at the concepts.

5.  A Musical Take on Math Class

I saved the most obvious for last! Rock ‘N Learn Multiplication & More DVDs are fabulous ways to supplement your math lessons. Math concepts are paired with catchy tunes, rhymes, and raps. Don’t be surprised if your students (and yourself) start singing these songs during your day. Visual, real life math word problems also bring a practical component to help a variety of learning styles understand.

Rock ‘N Learn Multiplication & More (and all of the Rock ‘N Learn products) are effective and fun resources to add to your educational DVD library.  How will you use these math DVDs to help your students rock their learning?

Learn more about the Musical Math DVDs here. 

amy-milcicAmy Milcic is owner of Busy Boys Brigade. Her super powers include homeschooler, soccer mom to 5 boys, mental health therapist, coffee aficiando, & planner girl.

5 Ways to Do Math Differently