These 43 Schools In Florida Are Failing

Use our map to find your local Florida school’s grade.

It’s hard to choose a school for your child. Parents have to consider factors like location, test scores, teachers, facilities, and more — all to determine whether a school best serves their child’s individual needs. Is private or public school better? Should you consider a charter school or even homeschooling your child? Some districts are more competitive than others. Parents may even decide to live in a city or area because of the school district, or they may opt to open-enroll their children into a neighboring district.

Our map makes it easier for Florida parents who are looking for the right option for their children’s education. Using data from the Florida Department of Education, which measures each school based on a “grade” (A, B, C, D, or F) determined through the school’s overall test scores in math, science, English, and social studies, we made a map that helps you find the best school for you. Graduation rate was also a factor for high schools, as well as variables like which programs schools offer to accelerated students (AP or IB).

Using the map below, enter your address and see how schools in your area scored. You can also select a grade on the left-hand side to see where high- and low-performing schools fall on the map.

Out of 3,231 schools, 1138 schools scored As, 969 received Bs, 865 Cs, 216 Ds, and 43 Fs.

Failing schools scored below state standards, with achievement scores generally ranking in the teens and 20s. Districts with the highest number of F-scoring schools include Pinellas County Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Palm Beach County Schools, and Orange County Public Schools, each with 5 failing schools. Hillsborough School District and Polk County Public Schools followed, with 4 and 3 failing schools, respectively.



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