17 Resources To Help Kids Digest the Human Body

The human body is one of the most complex entities in the universe.

Most people don’t know the processes that keep their body moving – and who can blame them?


Did you know that tiny little ears include series of tiny bones and muscles all working together in perfect harmony?

Educents experts put together a list of their favorite educational resources that will get your little ones excited about biology and human body’s many many systems!

17 Resources to help kids


Human Body Play Set

Human Body Play Sets on Educents

These durable peel and play sets are from the Mona MELisa store run by a homeschooling mom who wanted a new way to teach her kids!

The peel and play sets work for younger and older children alike.

The fabric mats feature the different systems of the body, and since they are not vinyl or coated stickers, they are built to last for years and years.

You can clean them, move the pieces around and make the experience super fun and interactive!




Don’t just take our word for how awesome this play and peel set is – see what others are saying about this great resource!

What people are saying about the Human Body Play Set

I highly recommend the Mona MELisa Designs Human Body Peel, Play, and Learn Sticker Set for all homeschools and elementary classrooms. This is an extremely useful, hands-on method of learning about the human body that all kids need to learn.

– Gena Mayo of I Choose Joy.

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X-Ray Playdough X-Ray-Playdough-500x375

This fun activity is from a former teacher and now mama Jenae at I Can Teach My Child.

This project may look creepy, but it also teaches children about the structural layout of the human skeletal system.



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Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shouldersbonyfide

Follow acclaimed skeletal scientist Dr. Bonyfide along for an in-depth look many of the biological systems in the human body.

This book contains a series of puzzles, rhymes, and kid-friendly learning to lead your young readers through an exploration of the human body.





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Brain (Laminated Poster Size)permacharts_inc_brain_poster_faec

This 36″ X 24″ laminated poster sized quick reference guide is the ultimate reference for the human Brain and its related systems!

The human Brain is described in this comprehensive Guide with the effective use of full colour diagrams, and corresponding text.

The Brain is examined from 7 separate perspectives for ease of reference, with its specific components numbered to provide a clear linkage to the proper anatomical term.

A great resource for high school biology!


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Yarn Hearts: The Art and Science of How Heart Works

This festive little heart activity by Mommy Labs is so much fun!

By combining balloons, yarn, and glue you too can have your own 3D representation of the human heart that showcases how it works.

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What Is Blood Made Of

Another fun activity from a former teacher and now mama Jenae of I Can Teach My Child.

This interactive project has children create their version of blood, including all the types of cells inside.

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Human Body Systems Flip Bookprimary-theme-park_sample4_ba49

Your kids will flip for this flip book! This book comes in 3 options so you can choose exactly what you need:

A book with a labeled diagram kids can complete and text for them to fill out so they can learn about each system!

Option 2 is a book with unlabeled diagrams making the exercise a little tougher for them to complete along with text for them to fill in.

Option 3 is unlabeled diagrams with no text to make the exercise tough but review easy!


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Human Body Systems Unit PackageIMG_7999-500x333

This bundle includes 124 slides on the circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems featuring text and video explaining these complex systems.

On your right, a human blood model from I Can Teach My Child



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Exploring the Human Body Lapbook Package

This collection contains 11 unique lapbooks that each cover a different human body system, totaling over 500 pages.

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Human Body: The Backbone backbone2[7]

This fun activity is from Spell Out Loud!

Want to see what makes up the human spine? All you need is a pool noodle, rope, and rubber bands to create your own spine.

On your right: A spine replica made out of a pool noodle!


Human Body Activities: The Heart

by Primary Theme Park – This fun activity challenges children to “beat” the human heart in a race

Teach your kids exactly how amazing the heart can be!


Science Collection

This DVD collection presents advanced concepts about the human body in a unique  and easily digestible way.

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My Body Map

This fun craft from Life With Moore Babies lets children physically plot out what makes up the human body.

A little creepy and a little messy but a LOT of fun!

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5 Messy Ways To Play Brain Surgeonice-play-brain-surgery-left-brain-craft-brain-510x510

Have you ever wanted to touch a brain?

This guide from Left Brain Craft Brain gives you FIVE different ways for you and your children to create their own brain and do a little harmless surgery.

On your right: Brains to be poked and prodded by little explorers!





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Groovy Labs STEM Boxesgroovylab

Explore not only scientific experiments in the human body, but also tech, engineering, and math in this subscription series from Groovy Labs.

Young learners everywhere have their brains pushed to the limit by these challenging STEM-based activities.




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Human Body Detectives

Calling all young doctors and nurses!

Teach your kids about the human body and the immune system with this audio book CD, and activity workbook combo.

Perfect for homeschool or night time listening, the audio book tells kid-friendly detective stories featuring sisters Merrin and Pearl where the culprits are bad germs (yikes!).

The sisters enter the human body in search for the icky germs that cause illnesses, and learn about foods that prevent sickness.


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Learning About Tooth Shapes teeth2-300x261

This fun activity is from Our Time To Learn!

When children think about teeth, they tend to not realize that their teeth actually come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own function.

On your right: A little dentist playing with different shaped teeth!


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How do you make Biology and human body systems fun for your young learners? Tell us in the comments below!