17 Easy Ways You Can Change Somebody’s Day

It’s always a good time to celebrate kindness. Even small acts can change somebody’s day for the better. What can you and your kids do in your daily life to make a difference?

  1. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  2. Clean up litter at the park.
  3. Do a chore for someone.
  4. Leave a kind note in your neighbors’ mailboxes.
  5. Leave the mail carrier a card in the mailbox.
  6. Prepare a snack for your family.
  7. Offer to help someone to carry groceries.
  8. Make a card for hospitalized children.
  9. Smile at others to brighten up their day.
  10. Blow bubbles for kids at the park.
  11. Compliment someone.
  12. Offer to read or tell a story to someone at the library.
  13. Hold the door open for someone.
  14. Help around the house without being asked.
  15. Bring treats to the fire or police department.
  16. Start a donation jar for a charity.
  17. Donate books to a library or Goodwill.

sunflowerKindness can happen anytime or anywhere, and can be as simple or elaborate as a person makes it. It does not need to cost anything, but is infinitely valuable. It is the hope that by jumpstarting acts of kindness, it becomes habitual, and contagious for others to further share.


Michele Montierro

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