The BabbaBox Digital

The BabbaBox Digital is another amazing product, I must say! The funny thing is, it’s difficult to label The BabbaBox (Digital) as a product because actually, it is more of a combination of various products lumped into kits. It already sounds like a bargain, no?


The purpose of the BabbaBox Digital is to provide both you and your children (and their friends!) with activities that are fun and educational. If you’re tired of asking yourself, “what can I do today with my children?”  The BabbaBox Digital could definitely solve your problem. The wonderful thing is it’s all digital- activities, book recommendations, lists of materials, etc., are downloaded! You can always save each kit and it takes way less space than box after box of activities.

And you know what my favorite part is? The kits contain more than one activity. In other words, your child will not only make an art project; s/he might make an art project, paint his/her face, put on a play, etc. The kits are designed to be utilized throughout the month, multiple times, not just once.

*It works something like this: you subscribe to BabbaCo, and depending on your subscription (BabbaBox Digital, BabbaBox, or BabbaPremium), you may receive digital activities, hands-on activities, book recommendations, actual books, coloring sheets, project ideas, etc. Some subscriptions offer activities with all materials included while others may offer activities without materials included. Again, it really depends on your subscription. Whatever your choice, your’re guaranteed to have fun!

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