Quick Fixes: How Does She Use Toothpaste in 24 Ways?

Educents has added a new item to our weekly shopping list: toothpaste. Katie from How Does She? created a list of 24 amazing ways to use toothpaste for quick fixes and home improvements. Sour smell in your kitchen? Use toothpaste. Foggy headlights? Use toothpaste!

Here are three items from Katie’s list that we were so excited to learn about:

Wow this idea is so simple, yet so brilliant.  I’m doing this from now on.  How to Hang a Photo Collage.


Piano Keys can get dirty and grimy. Toothpaste is a great way to get them clean again!


Wipe away Small Scratches off your Smart Shone Screen.



Want more toothpaste solutions? Read Katie’s post on How Does She?


Math Madness Wednesday: National Sandwich Day AND King Tut Day

King Tut Day

  It is Wednesday again!  Are your kids excited and going crazy for Halloween yet?  I am so glad Halloween is on a Friday this year!  At least we will have the weekend to recuperate! I decided to jump right into November holidays.  Did you know that November 3 is National Sandwich Day?  How about…
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Educents – Saving Educators Money on Educational Resources

Kate and Kaitlyn, the founders of Educents, are passionate about education. They are passionate about bringing YOU the educational products you love at an affordable price. Shouldn’t everyone have access to education?

So, how does it work? Educents is an online marketplace for affordable educational products, providing daily deals to parents, teachers & homeschoolers by working with established educational suppliers. Whether it is a science kit, curriculum pack, books or art supplies, we make sure that Educents has the lowest price. Educators need a break, and we’re here to help.

Since the launch of Educents in April, 2013, Educents has saved educators over $12 million dollars and has helped more than 150,000 teachers, homeschoolers and parents gain access to affordable educational materials.

Help us reach our goal of alleviating educational inequity by spreading the word about Educents. With your help, every educator can have access to more affordable learning tools for their students.

We envision a world where all children, in every community, have the tools and experience needed to excel in their learning.

We aspire to provide affordable education to everyone. That’s the idea behind Educents. Imagine the possibilities.

Have you seen our new video? Check it out, below!


Fun Science Friday: Science Activities to do this Weekend

Plan cool science experiments with eBooks & videos

Here at Educents, one of our favorite subjects is science and we have four offers that will make your little brainiacs love science too!

Access an assortment of science exercises including:

a polymer kit that grows 100 times its size

a free activity video

nature collections

anatomy books

planet study packs


Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket – 40% off

We hypothesize that your little scientist will LOVE this slimy, squishy polymer bucket — 40% OFF on Educents!

And don’t you worry, moms & dads — this kit is easy to use, just add water!

swlr2322.jpg_1 (1)

Science & Activity Videos – FREE

Get this science freebie and make:

– A battery out of fruits and pennies

– Brew supercooling liquids in an easy to follow step by step guide

– Create crystals with laundry soap

–  Other science experiments available to download.



4 Nature Science Kits – 35% OFF

Learn about the weather, solar energy, greenhouse gases, and insects, with 4 Nature Science Kits – 35% OFF


Science Story eBooks – 69% OFF

Follow Merrin and Pearl to combine science with adventure in Brainiacs.

Also learn about the nervous, digestive, immune, skeletal and circulatory system with a five part series from Human Body Detectives eBooks.


Magic School Bus Inspired Planet Study – 30% OFF

Plan games, worksheets, and coloring pages to expand your young astronomer’s understanding of space!



How will you spend this weekend? Some activities are instantly accessible like Science & Activity videos, Human Body Detectives, and the Magic School Bus Inspired Planet Study to give your kiddos an entire weekend filled with learning!





Food Color Centerpiece Science Experiment for Kids

Create a table centerpiece with this DIY science activity for kids

Science experiment for kids using a white chrysanthemum in food coloring.  A centerpiece idea involving plant anatomy and transpiration.

Add a little of spring to your winter table centerpiece with food coloring while teaching your kids about transpiration and the anatomy of a plant. Learn how water is pulled up to the petals using chrysanthemums, gerberas, or carnations and arrange them into a colorful bouquet!

The Imagination Tree gives a creative step by step instruction to observation and hypothesis that teaches kids how plants transport water to the petals and gives your little botanist the opportunity to see the transformation; leaving you with an assortment of colors to display.

Get the experiment here.



Math Madness Wednesday: World Series math ideas

all about that base person logo

This week’s Math Madness Wednesday is coming to you a day early!  Why?  Because the World Series starts TONIGHT and that is the topic of this week’s edition!  Find some World Series math ideas, along with some ideas for other subject areas! I grew up playing softball every summer.  My dad played on a softball league,…
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Educents Facebook Group Offers $50 Giveaways

Join our new Educents Facebook group!

Click here to get directed to the facebook page. Two group members will win $50 to spend on Educents.

We have created a new Facebook group to better connect with parents and educators!Join this group and help us, yourself, and others offer AFFORDABLE education to EVERYONE. We love learning from you so come join and share your teaching strategies with the teaching community!

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The Perfect Autumn Treat: Caramel Apple Crisp Bites!

We have a serious sweet tooth in the Educents office, so when we stumbled on this delicious treat from Princess Pinky Girl, we had to share it with you!

Caramel, apples, and graham cracker crumbs — need we say more? This is the ultimate Autumn treat!

Get all of the delicious details HERE! caramel-apple-crisp-bites







Fall & Winter Themed Resources for First and Second Grade – 70% OFF

Your first and second grade students are becoming more confident readers, writing more efficiently, and working those math problems like pros! But resources are not always the easiest to find and that’s where this bundle is ready to help! With 21 instant downloads at 70% off… your days will be filled with learning and fun!


photo 2


Here are a few of our favorite things about the bundle – Thanksgiving, penguins, and Election Day!

Thanks and Giving {Math and Literacy Centers} by School is a Happy Place.

Thanks and Giving {10 Literacy Centers for November} is a fun hands on way to practice a variety of literacy skills.  The centers are: November Puzzler, There Was an Old Lady Who, Swallowed Some Vowels, Scarecrow Contractions, Turkey Talk Sentences, Loads of Leaves Sight Word Scramble, Turkey Lurkey, Rhyming Words, Sharing Syllables, Thanks and Giving A Parts of Speech Sort, Leaves of Blends, and Autumn ABC Order.  Each center features full color clipart and a blackline master recording sheet.  Retail price of $5.00 and 65 pages are included.


Government Pack by Buzzing with Ms. B.

This social studies pack is full of graphic organizers, formats, and activities to work with the concepts of the United States government. They are perfect to use to gather and record information from sources, including trade books or textbooks. Working with these materials will help students to learn the roles and responsibilities of each branch of United States government!  Retail price of $3.25 and 16 pages are included.

Penguin Unit {Nonfiction and Fiction Literacy Activities) by First Grade Smiles
Teach your students about penguins with a balanced literacy approach.  This unit has it all including both fiction and nonfiction reading AND writing activities.  Your students will have an informational reader, comprehension activities, literature connections, writing options, an adorable craftivity, and even a bonus math connection.    Retail price of $8.00 and 58 pages are included.

But that’s not it! Use the calendar as a gift, set aside an afternoon for a fun turkey project (fun and different project type thing), stack student growth with the data folders (tracking student growth), and add cute spiders to October lessons!

The creators of this bundle are also hosting a GIVEAWAY! Click here to enter.