Math Madness Wednesday REWIND!

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This week’s Math Madness Wednesday is a REWIND version!  I am bringing you the best of the math products currently available on Educents.  There are several WONDERFUL deals to be found this week, so check them out before they are gone.


Minecraft Pack, including 2 math activities

Teaching MomsterTeaching Momster

My kids and I worked through the Perimeter and Area activity from Robbins Creative Content, LLC. and they loved it!  It was a great way to connect the real world to a favorite game.  You can grab this pack, as well as 2 other Minecraft-themed activities, for only $4.99 right now.


Roll, Add, Color for the whole year!

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Stephany from Primary Possibilities always has amazing products!  These are no different.  This pack includes games for the WHOLE year!  This is a fun way for kids to practice their math facts.  In fact, kids often like these so much that they choose to play them for inside recess or during free time!


Project Based Christmas activities!

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Two of these products are project-based, meaning students have a task to complete (like plan a party).  While completing this task, the students will use a lot of math skills!  By using the fun format of planning for a party, students don’t realize how much math they are actually doing!  It is a great way to connect math to the real world.


Play money by Melissa and Doug

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Whether you want to practice counting money at home or at school, having play money around is a great way to do that.  By actually touching and playing with the money, students are more likely to remember what it looks like and what it is worth.  This money set is made by Melissa and Doug so you KNOW it is well made and sturdy.  It is only $14.99 right now.


 Super Hero Math by Teaching Momster

Teaching Momster

My Super Hero Math pack is still available as well.  You can read more about it {HERE} and you can grab it {HERE}.   The riddles and puzzles make practicing multiplication and division less boring!


So many great things to check out on Educents this week!  Make sure to grab them before they are gone!

Teaching Momster


Blogger Review: Minecraft Math and Writing Units

Cambria from Live to Be Inspired recently downloaded and printed the Minecraft Math and Writing Units to use with her son. On a Friday afternoon, she told her son that he had some extra work to do. Can you guess his reaction? Read and find out what happened next!

Earlier today I told my son we needed to do some extra school work and I immediately heard some grumbling and grouchiness about more school work, and on a Friday of all days. :) When my son came to his desk though and saw that it was all about Minecraft, his tuned quickly changed and he said, ‘Oh cool! This isn’t school work, what were you talking about?’

I had him do a section that teaches about Acrostic poems and he had a lot of fun coming up with words to match the letters in Minecraft and creating his own poem. I thought it might be tricky for a 6 year old, but he was able to easily catch on, especially since it was all Minecraft related.

I can’t wait to try out more of the unit next week and to continue using Minecraft in our learning. My son LOVES Minecraft! So for him, if it’s Minecraft related it isn’t work, it’s play! In fact, I was even able to get him to practice his handwriting, which he despises doing! So grateful for units like this that do all the work for me and make homeschooling my son easier and more enjoyable.


The Minecraft Math and Writing Units are available for $4.99 on Educents this December.


Super Hero Math–Math Madness Wednesday

Teaching Momster

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Multiplication and Division!?  My kids LOVE superheroes so when Big Hero 6 came out, we knew we had to go see it!  And, when I saw their enthusiasm, I knew I had to make a new project!  I decided to focus on multiplication and division because kids need extra…
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Check Out the History Books Under Our Tree

Under the Educents Tree-2Can you guess what’s under our tree?

We’ll give you a hint:

What’s cooler than a book?…

BIG book!

What’s cooler than a BIG book?…

Two 15 FOOT LONG BIG BOOKS about history and the earth & sky!

If you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited about the Big Books that recently made their way back to the Educents site right in time for holiday shopping. Designed as a tool to build faith and explore science and history, these big books are great for religious based homeschoolingsunday school, and at home fun. When we opened up these awesome books we couldn’t help but be amazed.


The Big Book of Earth & Sky is fifteen feet of awesome from the exosphere to the inner core filled with cool picturesfun facts, and easy to understand diagrams. Each section tracks the number of miles you’ve traveled toward the earths core so you and your kiddo can see just how vast our planet is.

The Big Book of History is no less cool. Using the handy color coded key you can follow the extended timeline through the development of biblical events, world events, inventions & technology and the rise and fall of several civilizations. Whether you’re interested in the history of christianity or stories of innovation, this book has more info and photos than you could ever imagine.


Gift giving season is rapidly approaching and this deal is a perfect way to put something super cool under the tree without breaking your pockets. Stop by the site and check out this and other discounts to score big at Educents this holiday season!



Educents Holiday Gift Guide

Educents Holiday Gift Guide

❄ Happy Holidays! ❄

The Educents team is excited to share their favorite deals and products with you this holiday season. Each staff member chose their favorite deal for the holidays and included it in this handy guide. Check out the deals, including free apps, art & craft supplies, personalized books, LEGO sets, martial arts online and so much more. They have something for everyone